At the end of winter 2023, against an already tense economic and social backdrop marked by inflation and general mistrust of the country’s institutions, the government is stubbornly pushing ahead with its pension reform. While many critics denounce the falacious arguments put forward by the executive to justify this desire, the government is locked into a logic of repression of a historic social movement, while forcing the text through Parliament without voting process. For six months, mobilizations sometimes numbering several million demonstrators, strikes and blockades took place across the country, encountering the hardness of truncheons, the velocity of rubber projectiles and the humiliation of police custody.
The photographs are grouped into three distinct strips. The first two, titled after quotes from the government, show the popular anger expressed in the streets and the shamefully unreasonable violent police response to it. The last one offers an immersion in the leading cortege.
Scroll horizontally on one of the cover of the three series to discover the full strip.

“The crowd has no legitimacy in the face of the people expressing itself through its representatives”

“Unconditional support for the forces of law and order”

Block party